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All work is quoted upfront before commencement. My technician reports to you at the end of each hour so that you are always informed of the cost.

Leak detection
Is a service used for finding concealed leaks that is when there is high water consumption and no signs of water surfacing or when a trace is required to identify the source and cause of a leak.We conduct Acoustic, Gas Tracer, Thermal Imaging,Moisture Testing and Seepage Testing to localize concealed leaks.We also apply pipe location techniques to locate pipe routes. There is no call out charge. 95% of domestic leaks are found in the first hour. Gas is only used on difficult leaks.My Technician stops at the end of the first hour and advises you if additional time is required.We supply a report of the cause and a method and quote to repair.

Drain cleaning : Sewer and Storm Water Blockages
We undo blockages with High Pressure Jet Cleaning, Rooter machines, Water Rams and Pan Augers.95% of domestic blockages are cleared within an hour.Additional time is generally required when large amounts of fat and sand are present or the pipe is broken or collapsed. My technician will also advise if a Camera is required and will  stop at the end of the first hour and advise you if additional time is required.

CCTV Drain Inspection
We insert cameras into drains to identify the cause of recurring blockages.95% of domestic inspections are completed in 1 hour.He will stop at the end of the first hour and advise you if additional time is required.We also apply pipe location techniques to locate pipe routes and pin point defective areas. We supply a report with color pictures and a DVD of the survey and a method and quote to repair.

No Dig repair
Trenchless repair means Utilities, Roads, Pavements, Servitudes, Landscapes and Driveways are left untouched, no re-instatement time and cost required.We are able to line multiple 45° & 90° bends.Seamless and jointless, prevents root intrusion, prevents breaks and cracks caused by ground movement,this has a life expectancy of more than 50 years. We are able to re-line complete Sewer and Storm water systems and spot repair isolated leaks.

Flood Water Extraction
There is no call out charge.Prices are subject to change without notification

We have a specialized division catering to all plumbing projects.
This means that all major work will be handled by a dedicated team of experts focused on completing your project professionally & on time.

  • Bulk Main Installations.
  • Complete piping installations done to specification means that you get reliability & peace of mind.
  • Sewer Disposal Units.
  • Industrial Boiler Installations.
  • Geyser installations & replacements.
  • Bathroom & Toilet installations at Malls and
  • Commercial Buildings.
  • Designer bathrooms fitted as per your request.
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