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Drain Relining Services
Trenchless Pipe Repair Technology with 10 year guarantee

Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining (CIPP)

Spin-Cast Pipe Lining
What is drain relining?

  • Drain relining is the process of attaching a new lining to the inside of an existing pipe. This forms a protective coating that repairs an existing condition and shields the pipe against cracks, root intrusion and other potential damage.

  • Drain relining is a cost-effective and no-mess alternative to traditional drain repairs. Our non-intrusive methods will ensure your drains are back to perfect working condition with minimal disruption, taking away the pain of having to dig up your driveway, landscaped garden, structural columns and tiled surfaces. At Ganga Plumbers, we offer our drain lining services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Africa.

The drain relining method

  • First,we conduct a CCTV survey of the pipeline for a structural and condition assessment. We then remove and clean any blockages from the pipe by means of hydro jetting and mechanical cleaning tools.

  • A choice of 2 techniques can be used depending on depth and structural requirement, pipewall condition, pipe access and the number of connecting laterals. Either a flexible liner impregnated with resin is pushed through the drain (CIPP) or Spin-Cast epoxy spray is used, and once cooled will mould exactly to the sides of the original pipe leaving behind a smooth new pipe inside the original pipe. This method avoids the major upheaval and logistical nightmare of excavating and replacing pipes.

Why choose drain relining over drain replacement?

  • No digging is required, It creates less mess and disruption, Cuts restorative costs, Able to conduct a localised structural repair, Protects pipes from root damage, corrosion and extends the life of your existing plumbing.

  • Spin- cast epoxy spray allows for vertical fittings and 90-degree coverage, Is environmentally friendly, odorless and cost-efficient, Is suitable for multi-story buildings, Increases flow capacity, Suitable for PVC, Cast Iron, Concrete and Galvanised pipes.
For a FREE no obligation quote contact:
Roshan Ethwar (Epoxy Lining Manager): 081 044 2086 | Office: 031-262 6871 | E-Mail: opsplanner@gangaplumbers.co.za

Why choose drain relining over drain replacement?

CCTV drain inspections

  • CCTV drain inspections are a great non-invasive way to check the general health of your drains.

  • The camera system allows us to check your drains for cracks, root ingress, joint displacement, scale and many other causes of recurring blockages. We have cameras capable of inspecting drains form 50mm upto 1.8m in diameter.

  • We offer a full written report complete with photographic evidence of any faults found. The reports can be crucial if you are covered by insurance as it will allow you to provide all the information required to support your claim.

De-rooting Services

  • Tree root ingress is one of the most common reasons for drain blockages. Over a period of time roots from surrounding shrubs and trees can ingress through into the joints of a drain, causing recurring blockages.

  • We offer root cutting equipment in conjunction with the high pressure water jet to safely clear the roots and flush the drain system clean.

High Pressure Jetting

  • Our vans are fitted with high pressure jetting units, so if your drain is badly blocked with anything from grease and fat build up, building rubble or simply just scale which can build up over a period of time.

  • Baby wipes, nappies and other sanitary items can be easily removed. These purpose built units will clear the blocked drain safely and professionally. With over ninety meters of hose access issues can be resolved, in most cases simply and easily!

Other Services

• Desuldging And Liquid Waste Safe Disposal.
• Cleaning Of Septic Tanks And Testing Of
• Installation Of Septic Tanks And Soakaways.
• Cleaning Of Sand, Oil And Grease Separator
 Chambers With Safe Disposal Certificates.

• Drain Location And Mapping.
• Installation Of Sewer Pumps And Pumping Systems.
• Concrete Removal From Drains.
• Installation Of Attenuation Storage.
• Flood Risk Assessments.
• Home Buyers Drain Survey.

For a FREE no obligation quote contact:
Roshan Ethwar (Epoxy Lining Manager): 081 044 2086 | Office: 031-262 6871 | Doosh Ramouthar: 083 455 15 49

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