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Nu Flow Technology

Nu Flow is the global leader for the small diameter pipe lining industry, with 300+ worldwide licensees, including a presence in every inhabited continent. The Nu Flow Companies manufacture and install innovative, non-invasive, eco-friendly technologies for the restoration of failing pipe systems. Nu Flow is the only small diameter pipe lining company to provide dual lining technologies from a single source and is master licensee for the longest time-tested small diameter lining epoxy in North America. Pipe rehabilitation applications domestically and internationally include but are not limited to residential complexes, commercial multi-story structures, industrial and government facilities, hospitality and medical facilities, oil rigs, maritime vessels and underground utilities.

Nu Flow Technologies began as a new technology company in 1998, manufacturing and installing trenchless drain and sewer lining solutions. Today, Nu Flow Technologies manufactures, installs and distributes cost-effective, green repipe alternatives and no-dig solutions, including epoxy coatings for potable water lines and structural liners for drain lines.We are the only small-diameter pipe lining company to manufacture all of our own epoxies, lining materials and certain specialty installation equipment. Nu Flow Technologies is the manufacturing and distributing branch that provides our licensees with high-quality materials needed to solve customers’ inside-infrastructure problems.

Corporate Overview

The Only “One-Stop-Shop” Solution For Drains and Portable Water Pipe Rehabilitation.

The Nu Flow companies manufacture and install innovative green technologies to rehabilitate the inner infrastructure of deteriorated or failing water piping systems. Pipe lining restoration is a non-invasive procedure that uses epoxy to coat the inside walls of pipes or create a long-term protective pipe inside host piping systems, without destruction to interior or exterior surfaces of structures or landscapes. Nu Flow offers total inside infrastructure clean water solutions.


  • Pipe lining & cleaning systems

  • Pipe lining technologies

  • Pipe lining materials

  • Pipe lining equipment
  • Pipe lining epoxy

  • Pipe lining and coating

  • Pipe capacity restoration

  • Inversion Lining Systems

  • Water pipe relining

  • Water pipe relining

  • Structural liner
  • Sewer pipe repair

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