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Main lining

Nu Main is a Pull-in-Place, steam cure system for 8” to 12” in diameter main. The portable system comes with cure stations, winch and steamer, as well as full technical support and training. The system is competitively priced with high quality standards.

Nu Patch
Nu Flow offers Nu Patch Spot Repair Kits and Mainline Sectional Repair Systems.

Spot Repair Kit
Nu Flow's Nu Patch Spot Repair Kit allows any technician to remotely repair damaged underground pipe without digging. This process provides a simple solution for lateral spot repairs. Simply attach our repair bladder to our harness which fits any mini camera easily, then wet out our repair patch and simply position the bladder over the damaged pipe, inflate and cure.

Mainline Sectional Repair System

Nu Flow NuPatch repair
Nu Flow's Mainline Sectional Repair System is light weight and easy to store. It comes in a kit form with a disposable bladder. It has flow through capabilities and is available in variable lengths. The system is designed for pipe 8" to 12" in diameter. Once the repair bladder is wet out, it is pulled into the pipe, inflated and cured.

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Water pipe relining

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