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We Specialize in:

Ganga Plumbers Leak detection Specialists

  • Leaks detected & repaired, saving you time & money
  • Water loss recovery claim forms issued on site
  • Smoke testing of drains to investigate for illegal connections.
  • We locate leaks using the latest technology of gas detection, acoustic detection, infrared, moisture, and seepage analysis providing a complete and sustainable solution.
  • We assess, localize, locate and repair burst pipes of all sizes.

Level 1BBBEE, 135% Value Adding Supplier

High water bill - Ganga Plumbers

Instruments for Water Leak Detection - SeCorrPhon AC 06

When pressurised pipelines leak, water gushes out of the crack into the ground.

The consequences:

  • The pipe material vibrates at the leakage point. These vibrations are transmitted by the pipe and can even be measured at distant contact points, e.g. fittings.
  • The water jet and the pipe in the vicinity of the leak also cause the ground to vibrate. These vibrations are transmitted through the ground to the surface where they manifest themselves as ground noise.

Leak detection by correlation involves locating the leak with the help of a calculator. The noise emitted by a leak reaches two measuring points at different times. This time difference is used to state the leak position as an exact distance from measuring point 1 or 2.

Electro-acoustic water leak detection involves identifying the general area of the leak with the test rod as a preliminary step and then locating its exact position with the ground microphone. The human ear still plays an important part in analysing the noise as it can compare and analyse the volume and sound.

SEWERIN's SeCorrPhon AC 06 makes use of both methods.

SeCorrPhon AC 06 as a correlator
  • FFT analysis (e.g. coherence analysis for optimal filter setting)
  • Assistant for everyday situations
  • Maximum accuracy and very quick measurements
  • Automatic result optimisation
  • Noiseless radio reception thanks to powerful 500 mW radio transmitter
  • PC communication software for printing out and documentation of measurements
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